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About Us

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have turned our skills to manufacturing masks. This allows us to keep our small home based business running in these extraordinary times. We are proudly Australian Made and Owned. 


In 2013 my grandson Cameron was diagnosed with Amblyopia, and we were told to put masking tape to patch off his glasses to assist in his treatment. This was both uncomfortable for Cameron and left a sticky residue on his glasses. To combat this, we set about designing the first Cami-Patch prototype to help him as nothing suitable was commercially available at the time. 


We went on to develop the current Cami-Patch. Made from various fabrics and designed to fit frames of all shapes and sizes, our updated Cami-Patches are suitable for use on both the left and right lens. Our booklet and CD, Ambley, the little Blue Whale, encourages children to persist with their eye exercises in a unique way. Keeping children engaged in treatment promotes a successful outcome.  

Even though Cameron has successfully completed his treatment, he remains heavily involved in design and product testing along with running the website. Our goal is to now share our products with anyone receiving treatment for Amblyopia all over the world. 

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